Saturday, July 5, 2014

Linux on the Desktop (July 2014 edition)

This time: Elementary OS

Positive side:
- Finally a distribution with a default UI I actually like. I especially want a dock.
- The theme is very nice.

Negative side:
- I chose btrfs as the file system. Grub doesn't like that for some reason and displays an error about that it doesn't support a "sparse file". Boots anyway. Need to edit /etc/grub.d/00_headers and comment out some stuff.
- Really really old kernel (3.2.0 from 2012). Why?
- My sound card is still not supported (not really Linux's fault).
- The steam installer displays a really old school terminal that wants you to install 32 bit libraries. Just integrate properly into the Debian package system ffs. Google can do it with Chrome as well.

What made me boot into Window again:
- Default driver for a two year old GPU doesn't even show a full screen image on the primary display. Nouveau usually works way better, likely the old Linux kernel is the problem. No hint how to install NVIDIA binary driver.
- Alternative driver from system settings shows 4 different options with different versions. Choose newest one. Installed oldest one anyway. Kind of worked, but still slow
- Installed NVIDIA driver from website. Installer wants you to go to a pure console session without X. In 2014.
- After installation system doesn't boot to X anymore, because linux kernel module was still from 308 instead of 338. Needed to manually uninstall all nvidia-driver packages
- Log off or switch to pure console results in a red screen and a system lockup. The next reboot after that compositing was broken and windows wouldn't react, be at strange locations etc.
- Fuck it.

- It's almost there.
- X11 needs to die a horrible and painful death. Now.

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  1. you are a graphic programmer, Linux isn't for you. not 2014 nor 2020